Author: Joe Szymanski

Joe is a college student studying Public Administration at George Mason University while also minoring in Journalism. Joe is the Head of the Interviews Team at Elections Daily, while also Deputy Director of the Elections Team. If you would like your candidate to be interviewed by Joe, you can DM him at his Twitter account @JosephSzymanski or email him @[email protected]

The redistricting cycle for the 2020s has seen more redistricting commissions used than ever before. Some see this as a big step forward, taking away the power to draw lines from politicians. Others see this shift as giving this power to people who know too little and are too easily manipulated about the process. I don’t think either of these ways of thinking are fully accurate. In fact, it depends from state to state how well their commission did. Did any Commission Truly Fail? Really only one apparent “independent” commission failed at its job: Virginia. Virginia’s apparent independent commission was…

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