After four years of Jeremy Corbyn leading the Labour Party, it’s gearing up for a new leader after the Islington North MP decided to step down in due course. The election for Labour Leader is one that will certainly be fascinating, not least because of Labour’s shift to the leftContinue Reading

The UK’s 2019 General Election was, from the moment it was called, destined to be an interesting one. In the late night of December 12th and early morning of December 13th, the results rolled in. Nobody perfectly predicted what would happen, as Tories took hold of seats they’ve never wonContinue Reading

When the exit poll came in at 22:00 on a wet Thursday night, nobody could quite believe it. The poll, conducted by several news agencies and polling stations, predicted that the ruling Conservative Party would manage 368 seats against Labour’s 191. To put that into perspective, that is landslide area.Continue Reading