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Democrats feel confident that Republican Kris Kobach facing the Democratic front runner, State Senator Barbara Bollier, would lead to a competitive race in Kansas, but unfortunately for Democrats this is likely not the reality. Kobach is weaker than other Republicans, but there is no reason to believe that he is weak enough to lose a seat the GOP has held since 1932.

The New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial elections are now less than two years away. Most major election outlets rated this year’s general elections in January and February of 2019, and those two dates are also a little less than two years apart. Given the interesting developments that have occurred in both states, I feel it is appropriate to give my initial ratings for these two races.

In August 2019, the Cherokee Nation made history by appointing their first delegate to Congress, Kimberley Teehee. While it remains to be seen whether or not the Cherokee Nation’s delegate is accepted by Congress, it raises a bigger question on the role of Native American representation in Congress as well as a potential solution both parties might be able to support.

There is one place in the US that has been, and is likely to remain, highly underrated in it’s importance. The place I’m referring to, surprisingly, is Nebraska, and more specifically its 2nd congressional district, which has been allowed to give its single electoral vote separate from the rest of the state.