Author: Sarah Stook

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Sarah Stook is a freelance writer with a great interest in US politics. Her area of interest is the Republican Party, presidential elections and how campaigns are conducted. You can follow her on Twitter at @sarah_stook.

Johnson kept his pre-election cabinet, but promised it would change after Brexit. Today, it was that day. Politicos around the country were glued to TV and computer screens as cameras broadcasted Downing Street. Everyone wanted to see who came and went, a great indicator of change.

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After four years of Jeremy Corbyn leading the Labour Party, it’s gearing up for a new leader after the Islington North MP decided to step down in due course. The election for Labour Leader is one that will certainly be fascinating, not least because of Labour’s shift to the left since Corbyn’s ascension. Six people (four women and two men) are hoping to win. There is also an election for the Labour deputy leadership, with five MPs going for it, which will be written about later in the article. Here is a profile of the six MPs who are hoping…

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