Author: Rahil Prakash

Rahil's passion for politics crosses borders, encompassing a robust interest in both U.S. and international elections. With a sharp focus on the dynamics of U.S. politics, he is not only a staunch advocate for fair redistricting, dedicating time to crafting unbiased legislative and congressional maps, but also a skilled predictor and analyzer of election outcomes.

Ohio redistricting has been characterized by aggressive gerrymanders for the last several cycles, but with a new system that was to help “un-gerrymander” the state; has it fallen flat on its promises? The drama that has unfolded in the 2020 redistricting cycle has not been seen in any other state. The Hope for Change In 2018, Ohio Voters overwhelmingly approved new changes to the state’s congressional redistricting process. This proposed amendment to the Constitution promised to: End the partisan process for drawing congressional districts, and replace it with a process promoting bipartisanship, keeping communities together, and having districts be more…

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