Author: Ehab Alhosaini

Ehab Alhosaini is a current student at Vanderbilt University majoring in Quantitative Public Policy and Economics and minoring in Mathematics and International Relations. When not looking over elections data and policy proposals, he enjoys playing soccer, catching up with friends, and traveling throughout the great state of North Carolina!

In early May of 2020, the political and social landscape of the United States was engulfed in the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic forced most people into a stay-at-home order in March and April. While former Vice President Joe Biden held a stable lead over President Donald Trump, it was only around five points. Trump was still within the margin of error in critical swing states such as Wisconsin and North Carolina. However, by late May and early June, the polling leads started to gravitate in favor of Biden. He built up a larger lead in the polls, peaking at a…

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