Author: Dylan Brown

Dylan Brown writes election analysis and policy critiques on Twitter daily. Now for whatever reason, he’s doing it long-form too. Dylan primarily focuses on the divide in the Democratic party and where our politics will go post-Trump. You can follow Dylan on Twitter at @DylanWBrown1.

My name is Dylan Brown, and I figured before I start writing any analysis of elections and policy, it’d help to understand how my ideology formed. I’m not going to do the standard bio because I’m not that interesting, though I will talk about my political journey and how internet culture helped shape it. There were three formative events in my political journey. The first was in 2013 when Edward Snowden leaked classified information showing that the US government had been spying on American citizens illegally for years. I was 14, before this I was apolitical like every 14-year-old, but…

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