Elections Daily produces a wide variety of podcasts and shows that provide informed coverage of elections and politics. Our current shows are:

  • Redistricting Radar – A show focusing on the redistricting process and potential maps of almost every US state, hosted at 7:00 eastern every Wednesday.
  • The World Tonight – A weekly international news show hosted every Friday at 5:00 eastern by Adam Lawless and Peter Capote.
  • Tough Talk with Joe Szymanski – A weekly opinion show hosted by Joe Szymanski.
  • Election Coverage – Live coverage of election results, with a large panel providing analysis and commentary.

You can find all of our podcasts on our YouTube channel. Additionally, you can find many of our podcasts, as well as candidate interviews from Joe Szymanski, on any number of podcast providers, including Anchor, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.