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Back in December, Elections Daily writer Paul McCrary wrote about a potential run for Senate by Montana Governor and former presidential candidate Steve Bullock. With the announcement now being official, it’s worth revisiting the formidable hurdles Bullock faces in an attempt to unseat incumbent Republican Steve Daines.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has won the South Carolina primary, a much-needed bounceback after mediocre showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. While this win was expected, what is surprising is his margin of victory: a nearly 30-point romp that saw him sweep every county across the diverse state.

Lost in the discussion of Blagojevich’s sins is another fact: the end of Blago marked the end of the Illinois Democratic Party’s effective competition downstate. Looking at the trends from 1998 to 2006 shows a clear shift and a fascinating look at the rapid decline in the state’s ancestrally Democratic strongholds.

In August 2019, the Cherokee Nation made history by appointing their first delegate to Congress, Kimberley Teehee. While it remains to be seen whether or not the Cherokee Nation’s delegate is accepted by Congress, it raises a bigger question on the role of Native American representation in Congress as well as a potential solution both parties might be able to support.